10 Photo Book Ideas For Meaningful Books

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Why do we create photo books? Simply put, because we have stories to tell. When we create a book, we channel intention, thoughtfully weaving narratives from the moments we want to return to.


So when we sit down to build it, the question isn’t “what photos should I use?” Rather, we ask ourselves “what is the story I want to tell” and “how do I want to tell it?” After all, there are many ways to tell a story.


Here, we explore 10 creative photo book ideas to help you tell yours — each as unique as the reason you’re making it.

babies first

From those first steps to their first bites of solid food, every new experience is special when it comes to your little one. Document them all in a photo book you can look back on often and even hand down when the time comes.

Babies proud image
one month at a time

As your little one grows, they change so much from one month to the next. Yet, when we’re with them everyday, we don’t always realize just how much change there’s been. By putting photos from each month in a book and seeing them side by side, it truly puts into perspective that age-old saying: They grow so fast!

books piled up
favorite people

Keep the little one close to faraway family with a book that celebrates those who will soon become their favorite people. Fill it with photos of loved ones, and flip through the pages together to build recognition of their names and faces. Our even offers a pre-designed theme that makes it refreshingly simple to create pages of family and friends.

my favourite people
anniversary photo book

Honor the story you’re writing together by looking back at the chapters that started it all. This exercise in reflection is the perfect means of giving permanence to the many moments worth reliving. Simply gather the shots that mark meaningful milestones as a couple — then, organize them as you see fit.

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many years

As the years go by, it becomes easy to lose track of where we were at a specific place or time in our lives. Put your past together into perspective by gathering 5 photos every month The result is a chronological trip down memory lane that you can return to by the year, together.

many years of us
what i love

When we think about what makes our partners so special, it’s often the unique little quirks that come to mind. Whether it’s the way they laugh, a favorite phrase, or something else altogether, all of these traits are worthy of acknowledgement. Pair these traits with photos to create a thoughtful anniversary gift, or build your book in tandem with a section for each of you.

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when we met

Looking back on those first months together can be a meaningful reminder of just how far you’ve come. Capture all the hope, excitement, and (let’s be honest) awkwardness of your beginnings together in a book that honors the connection that emerged.

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in review

Make it a monthly tradition! Bring together the photos that shaped your month as a family into a “best of” recap of the many moments you’ve shared. By creating one every month, you’ll eventually have a series that honors your time together in the most tangible of ways.

month in review
that time that

Often, the photos that are the most enjoyable to look back on are those that are intricately tied to memorable moments. And in this sense, it’s the “bloopers” and “imperfect” shots that stand out the most. Collecting these photos and telling the stories behind them makes sure that they never go by the wayside.

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furry fam

The furry ones are family too, and they deserve a book of their own! From single-kitty families to homes housing entire pup packs, this photo book idea is for the animal lovers out there.

our furry family