The My Lifestory blog is about printing your story of motherhood, all those amazing moments go by so fast and you want to hold onto each and every one them so we have created a space where we share ideas on how you can do just that.  We have different bloggers hosting the blog to inspire our community with their ideas and inspiration.


My Lifestory is a free easy to use app that allows you to print a 15×15 cm hard cover photo book with 30 pages, you need 31 photos including the cover to make the photo book. Each book costs R 355 and delivery is free nationwide. You can save R 100 and only pay R 255 per book if you sign up for the monthly subscription and print a book a month.


Install the free app from the Google Pay Store or the Apple App Store and enjoy free delivery nationwide plus a Money-Back Quality Guarantee.


My Lifestory is a brand of Q-Photo, trusted since 1984.